You can see this happening during air conditioning season, with today’s hydro rates!

Mom lays down the thermostat law in hilarious note to family

Lia Grainger

[A frustrated Michigan mom posted a hilarious note on her home’s thermostat in an attempt to lower her gas bill. Photo: ullstein bild/Getty Images]

It’s the sort authoritative, sarcastic, yet still slightly doting note that just screams from the rooftops: I’m a parent. So it should come as little surprise that the simple note, taped to the thermostat and then photographed and shared on Facebook, has become something of a viral sensation to vindicated parents and exasperated children everywhere.

The note was written by Michigan mom Autumn Brandon, who then shared her handiwork on Facebook.

It reads: “Unless you answer YES to all of these, DO NOT TURN ON HEAT!!! Are you wearing a hoodie, pants, socks? Is it November? Do you pay the gas bill?“

Whether you’re a parent trying to control the heating bill in the winter or a child wearing three layers of clothing and a toque inside in an effort to survive the thermostat battle with your penny-pinching parents, you’ll likely agree this note is highly relatable.

The post has received comments in the tens of thousands, and more than a few say something along the lines of, “This is Dad,” or, “This is Mom.”

Let’s just hope that Autumn and her family can agree to turn the thermostat up, at least a little bit, because 66°F (19°C) is a tad on the chilly side.